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71 women were examined daily for the presence of headache in their first post partum week. Post natal headache (PNH) occurred in 27, (39%) of the women and was most frequent on days 4-6 post partum. PNH was significantly associated with a previous or family history of migraine and pre-menstrual migraine. Although 83% of those with PNH had a migraine(More)
Directly under the ependyma, and between the ependymal cells, there are basement membranes which form labyrinths connecting with the perivascular basement membranes of the subependymal vessels. The basement membranes exhibit differences in form, position, and distribution, and they can be distended by fluid absorption into large lacunae. The membranes can(More)
The rhombencephalic recess, an ependymal organ, has been studied for the first time by light- and electron microscopy. It is situated mediosagitally on the floor of the rhomboid fossa at the level of the colliculus facialis. The recess and the superimposed tissue are built up by tanycytes, their apices being connected by tight junctions. HRP, injected into(More)
Tissue homeostasis is fundamentally influenced by the functional integrity and state of endothelial cells. Survival and death of endothelial cells are encountered in cardiovascular disease and may, moreover, affect and determine the development of atherosclerosis and restenosis following intracoronary therapeutical interventions. Apoptosis was studied in(More)
  • U. Desaga
  • Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische…
  • 2004
Sub- und interependymal structures, being demonstrable by a period-acid-bisulfit-aldehydthionine-method (Specht), occur in the whole ventricular system by light microscopy. They can be identified electron microscopically as basement membrane labyrinths (BML). Different shapes of these BML can be distinguished. They are in communication with the basement(More)
The normal structure of the subependymal capillaries and venules of the spinal cord was studied in rabbit. The endothelial cells of the capillaries and venules are surrounded by an irregularly formed perivascular space, about 0.5 to 3.3 micrometer wide, which is delimited by an endothelial and glial basal lamina. The space contains a framework of collagen(More)
The medical records of 66 women treated with metenolone for metastasized breast carcinomas were analysed. In 26 patients a remission developed with a mean duration of 8.2 (3-29) months. Patients whose treatment started in the first year after the menopause as well as patients with a beneficial effect of a therapeutic ovariectomy in the past were more often(More)
The wall of the central canal of the spinal cord of the white rat contains numerous basement membrane labyrinths, their number increasing towards the end of the canal. The period-acid-bisulfit-aldehydethionine-method (Specht) permits their light microscopic finding. They are in connection with the basement membranes of the capillaries situated near the(More)