Uvais Qidwai

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Numerous theories and models have been developed to associate various findings or in relating EEG patterns to develop a software simulators. In this paper, a Dynamic model for simulating the EEG signal has been developed with empirical reference to real EEG signals from patients suffering from Seizure and Partial Seizure. Real EEG data set can be obtained(More)
  • Uvais Qidwai
  • 2009 IEEE Symposium on Industrial Electronics…
  • 2009
In this paper, an Intelligent Blind-Spot Sensing system is presented. This system exploits the power of sensor technology using multiple low-cost ultrasonic sensors to monitor the designated blind spots in a vehicle. In addition, an embedded Basic Stamp controller is used as the brain of the system that controls the actions of ultrasonic sensors as well as(More)
BACKGROUND Despite a lot of research into patient selection, a significant number of patients fail to benefit from surgery for symptomatic lumbar disk herniation. We have used Fuzzy Logic-based fuzzy inference system (FIS) for identifying patients unlikely to improve after disk surgery and explored FIS as a tool for surgical outcome prediction. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Fuzzy logic is a multi-valued logic which is similar to human thinking and interpretation. It has the potential of combining human heuristics into computer-assisted decision making, which is applicable to individual patients as it takes into account all the factors and complexities of individuals. Fuzzy logic has been applied in all disciplines(More)
We present an algorithm for binary image transformation using chaotic maps. Because of its random-like behavior, chaos is a good candidate for encryption. We show that a two-dimensional discrete time dynamical system with one positive Lyapunov exponent allows the transformation of the image in an unpredictable manner. The suggested algorithm acts on the(More)
In this paper, the design of a speech-controlled wheelchair is presented. The main motivation for this design came through the feedback from personal experiences of several colleagues as well as rehabilitation centers of the local hospitals that many elderly patients are unable to use the electronic wheelchairs. This is primarily due to the fact that the(More)
In this paper, two algorithms have been presented to enhance the infrared (IR) images. Using the autoregressive moving average model structure and H<sub>infin</sub> optimal bounds, the image pixels are mapped from the IR pixel space into normal optical image space, thus enhancing the IR image for improved visual quality. Although H<sub>infin</sub>-based(More)
A new approach is presented in this paper to use Higher Order Statistics (HOS) to deconvolve the effects of blurring in ultrasonic C-Scans. The quantization effects of the mechanical scan-grid and due to the conversion of 1-D A-scan into one pixel on the image cause blurring. The proposed approach is completely blind to the source or the type of distortion(More)