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In view of the usefulness and great importance of fractional kinetic equations due to their occurrence in certain astrophysical problems, we have further investigated the generalized fractional kinetic equations; solutions of which contain the R-and G-functions of Lorenzo and Hartley (the generalized functions for the fractional calculus). The aim of this(More)
Application of the discrete transfer method is extended to solve transient radiative transport problems with participating medium. A one-dimensional gray planar absorbing and aniso-tropically scattering medium is considered. Both boundaries of the medium are black. The incident boundary of the medium is subjected to pulse-laser irradiation, while the other(More)
Based on an X-ray crystal structure determination, the A-ring stereochemistry of hybrid analog QW-1624F2-2 (1alpha-hydroxymethyl-16-ene-24,24-difluoro-25-hydroxy-26,27-bis-homovitamin D3) is revised to be 1alpha-CH2OH-3beta-OH. This analog is shown to be approximately 80-100 times less calciuric than the natural hormone 1alpha,25-dihydoxyvitamin D3. This(More)
angladesh has an estimated population of 130 million. Approximately 1.2 million of them are disabled. It is estimated that 70% of them are due to consequences of stroke. 1 Stroke is the most common cause of death as a result of neurologic disorders and the third leading cause of death in the United States of America each year. Ischemic stroke from(More)
The in vitro effect of doxepin at 10, 50 and 200 micrograms/mg protein on Mg2+ and (Na+ K+)-ATPases (EC activities of human foetal and adult brain (crude homogenate of cerebrum and cerebellum) were studied at 10-30 wk of gestation. Both Mg2+ and (Na+, K+)-ATPases of human foetal and adult brain were found to be inhibited by doxepin in a dose(More)
Lorazepam (LZ), a benzodiazepine group of drug, inhibits Mg2+ and (Na+,K+) ATPases (EC activity of human foetal and adult brain. The inhibitory effect neither varied with respect to the region (i.e. cerebrum and cerebellum) nor with the age of the foetus. The inhibition of ATPases activity indicates that the neuronal transmission processes, may be(More)
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