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This study determined the role of plant and microbes in arsenite (AsIII) oxidation in the growth media and the location of AsIII oxidation and arsenate (AsV) reduction in Pteris vittata tissues. P. vittata grew in 0.10-0.27mM AsV or AsIII solution under aerated or sterile condition for 1h to 14d. Arsenic speciation was conducted in the growth media, biomass(More)
This experiment examined the effects of sulfate (S) and reduced glutathione (GSH) on arsenic uptake by arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata after exposing to arsenate (0, 15 or 30 mg As L(-1)) with sulfate (6.4, 12.8 or 25.6 mg S L(-1)) or GSH (0, 0.4 or 0.8 mM) for 2-wk. Total arsenic, S and GSH concentrations in plant biomass and arsenic speciation in(More)
A dozen 24-sulfoximine analogues of the hormone 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) were prepared, differing not only at the stereogenic sulfoximine stereocenter but also at the A-ring. Although these sulfoximines were not active transcriptionally and were only very weakly antiproliferative, some of them are powerful hydroxylase enzyme inhibitors. Specifically,(More)
A large-scale hydroponic system to phytoremediate arsenic-contaminated groundwater using Pteris vittata (Chinese brake fern) was successfully tested in a field. In this 30-wk study, three frond-harvesting regimes (all, mature, and senescing fronds) and two water-refilling schemes to compensate for evapotranspiration (high-As water of 140-180 μg/L and low-As(More)
This field study evaluated the effectiveness of three best management practices (BMPs) in reducing the weathering of Pb-bullets in a shooting range. The BMPs included replacing soil berm with sand berm, liming sand berm, and removing Pb-bullets from soil berm. Berm samples were collected before and after implementing BMPs and analyzed for total Pb and/or(More)
Based on an X-ray crystal structure determination, the A-ring stereochemistry of hybrid analog QW-1624F2-2 (1alpha-hydroxymethyl-16-ene-24,24-difluoro-25-hydroxy-26,27-bis-homovitamin D3) is revised to be 1alpha-CH2OH-3beta-OH. This analog is shown to be approximately 80-100 times less calciuric than the natural hormone 1alpha,25-dihydoxyvitamin D3. This(More)
The total lead (Pb) concentrations of the surface soil, sub surface soil, vegetation and surface waters of outdoor shooting ranges are extremely high and above regulatory limits. Lead is dangerous at high concentrations and can cause a variety of serious health problems. Shooters and range workers are exposed to lead dust and can even take Pb dust home to(More)
In vitro effects of aspirin and paracetamol at the doses 200, 400, 600, 800 nmole/mg protein on ATPases activity were studied in the cerebrum and cerebellum of human fetus covering the age range from 10 weeks to 32 weeks of gestation. Both aspirin and paracetamol inhibit Na+K+ ATPase and Mg2+ ATPase in a dose dependent manner. The inhibition of Na+K+ ATPase(More)
A 10 year old boy presented with bluish discolouration of lips, oral mucous membrane, palms, soles and nails noticed since first month after birth. There was no symptom. He is the 2nd of 3 siblings, with no consanguinity among parents. None in the family had similar disease. He was born at full term at home with an uneventful neonatal period and a normal(More)