Uttam K. Sarkar

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All traffic models for MPEG-like encoded variable bit rate (VBR) video can be broadly categorized into 1) data-rate models (DRMs) and 2) frame-size models (FSMs). Almost all proposed VBR traffic models are DRMs. DRMs generate <i>only</i> data arrival rate, and are good for estimating average packet-loss and ATM buffer overflowing probabilities, but fail to(More)
Over the last few decades wild population of Chitala chitala (HamiltonBuchanan) has been declined more than 50% due to various reasons and is presently listed under endangered (EN) category due to reduced abundance. In the present communication wild C. chitala were collected from natural habitats and induced to spawn under captivity during July 2002 by(More)
A Video on Demand (VoD) system is expected to transmit many movies over a single channel as demanded by the end users. When several videos are transmitted simultaneously over a link the effective bandwidth required per video is usually much lower than that needed by a single video because of multiplexing gain. Fast and accurate estimation of multiplexing(More)
Real-time variable bit rate (VBR) video is increasingly dominating the bandwidth use of broadband networks. Many videos can be simultaneously transmitted over a channel in a broadband network. Given the usual capacities of communication links in use for transmission, the number of videos simultaneously transmitted over a broadband communication link for(More)
Texture and temporal variations in scenes, and peculiarities of MPEG compression algorithms result in very complex frame-size data sets for any long-duration variable bit rate (VBR) video. A major hurdle in capturing the statistical behavior of such a data trace can be removed by segmentation of all frames into an appropriate number of analytically(More)
MPEG-encoded variable bit rate (VBR) video traffic is expected to incur cell losses during its transmission over a broadband network. These cell losses introduce distortion into the received video. Frame drop rate and Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) can be used to objectively measure this distortion. These two metrics are useful in identifying the threshold(More)
In this paper we propose a novel method for associating Wireless Mobile Nodes&#x0A0;&#x0A0;(WMNs) to Access Points (APs) in busy wireless access networks. The proposed method associates each WMN with multiple APs for mitigating the load balancing problem in hot-spots. The method assumes that a concurrent multipath transport control protocol such as cmpTCP(More)
Gianotti-Crosti syndrome is parainfectious exanthematous disease having unique presentation of small papulovesicular eruptions symmetrically over extensor surface of limbs and face in children. Hemorrhagic lesions are very rare and are always localized. Here, a case of EBV-induced Gianotti-Crosti syndrome with extensive hemorrhagic vesicles in a one and(More)
Keyword-based search engine advertising markets on the Internet, referred to as Sponsored Search Markets (SSMs), have reduced entry barriers to advertising for niche players. Known empirical research, though scant and emerging, suggests that while these markets provided niche firms with greater access, they do exhibit high levels of concentration&#8212;a(More)
INTRODUCTION Familial glucocorticoid deficiency (FGD) is a rare autosomal recessive potentially life-threatening condition, characterized by glucocorticoid deficiency, preserved aldosterone/renin secretion, and secondary rise in plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone level. This occurs due to either mutation in adrenocorticotropic receptor (25%, FGD Type-1) or(More)