Uttam K. Maji

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Hypertension and diabetes mellitus are considered to be two major atherosclerotic risk factors for coronary artery disease (CAD). A stress-induced protein identified to be dermcidin isoform 2 of Mr. 11 kDa from blood plasma of hypertensive persons when injected (0.1 μM) in rabbits increased the systolic pressure by 77% and diastolic pressure by 45% over the(More)
BACKGROUND More than 90% of all hypertensive persons are reported to have essential hypertension (EH), a particular form of elevated blood pressure, for which no diagnostic test is currently available. The level of plasma renal (R) cortexin (PRC), a hypotensive protein produced in the kidney cortex cells, was reported to be reduced from 218 nM in the plasma(More)
Currently, there is no specific medication for essential hypertension (EH), a major form of the condition, in man. As acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin) is reported to stimulate the synthesis of renal (r)-cortexin, an anti-essential hypertensive protein, and, as aspirin is reported to inhibit dermcidin isoform 2 (dermcidin), a causative protein for EH, the(More)
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