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Synthesis, Structure, Electrochemical, and Spectroscopic Properties of Hetero-Bimetallic Ru(II)/Fe(II)-Alkynyl Organometallic Complexes.
The redox and NIR absorption features indicate that the mixed-valence system of the heterobinuclear dyads belongs to a Robin and Day "class II" system and two well-separated reversible redox waves as a result of successive oxidation of the ferrocenyl and Ru(II) redox centers. Expand
A water-soluble BODIPY based 'OFF/ON' fluorescent probe for the detection of Cd2+ ions with high selectivity and sensitivity.
A water-soluble dilithium salt BODIPY derivative (LiBDP) with appended dicarboxylate pseudo-crown ether [NO4] coordinating sites has been designed, synthesized and characterized successfully for theExpand