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—We conduct the first detailed measurement analysis of network resource usage and subscriber behavior using a large-scale data set collected inside a nationwide 3G cellular data network. The data set tracks close to a million subscribers over thousands of base stations. We analyze individual subscriber behaviors and observe a significant variation in(More)
—We present an experimental performance evaluation study of WiFi links in an open-space outdoor environment. We consider a large scale wireless sensor network scenario of seismic data collection from sensors that are buried in ground and a set of access points (APs) form the hierarchical aggregation layer and the backbone of the network. We conduct two(More)
With the advent of programmability in radios, it is becoming easier for wireless network nodes to cheat to obtain an unfair share of the bandwidth. In this work we study the widely used 802.11 protocol and present a solution to detect selfish carrier-sensing behavior where a node raises the CCA (clear channel assessment) threshold for carrier-sensing, or(More)
—We present a tool to estimate the interference between nodes and links in a live wireless network by passive monitoring of wireless traffic. This tool does not require any controlled experiments, injection of probe traffic in the network, or even access to the network nodes. Our approach requires deploying multiple sniffers across the network to capture(More)
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