Utomo Sudarno

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Nitrification under changing salinities (0-9%), temperatures (6-50°C), ammonia (0-5 g NL(-1)) and nitrite concentrations (0-0.4 g NL(-1)) was investigated in fixed-bed reactors. For all conditions ammonia oxidation rates (AOR) were lower than nitrite oxidation rates (NOR). AORs and NORs increased from 12.5 to 40°C and were very low at 6°C and almost zero at(More)
Halophilic nitrifiers belonging to the genus Nitrosomonas and Nitrospira were enriched from seawater and marine sediment samples of the North Sea. The maximal ammonia oxidation rate (AOR) in batch enrichments with seawater was 15.1 mg N L−1 day−1. An intermediate nitrite accumulation was observed. Two fixed-bed reactors for continuous nitrification with(More)
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