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This paper present a Improved Algorithm for Image Segmentation System for a RGB colour image, and presents a proposed efficient colour image segmentation algorithm based on evolutionary approach i. e. improved Genetic algorithm. The proposed technique, without any predefined parameters determines the optimum number of clusters for colour images. The optimal(More)
Nowadays, Wikis are used as a tool to for collaborative writing and editing of documents. However, typical Wikis do not adequately address the assessment of individual contributions. To improve these aspects, we propose ClassroomWiki---a web-based collaborative Wiki writing tool. For the students, ClassroomWiki provides a web interface for writing and(More)
Object tracking is a method of following an object through successive image frames to determine its relative movement with respect to other objects. Video tracking is performing object tracking in a video. An algorithm analyzes the video frames and outputs the location of moving targets within the video frame. Unknown objects in an image are often called(More)
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