Uthpala Subodhani Premarathne

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Cloud computing offers cost-effective solutions via a variety of flexible services. However, security concerns related to managing data, applications, and interactions hamper the rapid deployment of cloud-based services on a large scale. Although many solutions exist, efficiency, scalability, and provable security still have issues that need to be properly(More)
In view of recent attacks on smart grid surveillance is of vital importance to enforce surveillance based disaster recovery management operations to ensure seamless energy generation and distribution. The reliability of disaster recovery management depends on availability and privacy preservation of surveillance data. In this paper we propose a reliable(More)
Single-sign-on (SSO) has been proposed as a more efficient and convenient authentication method. Classic SSO systems re-authenticate a user to different applications based on a fixed set of attributes (e.g. Username-password combinations). However, the use of a fixed set of attributes fail to account for mobility and contextual variations of user(More)
Cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) systems are next-generation big data systems for facilitating efficient and scalable storage and fostering collaborative care, clinical research, and development. Mobility and the use of multiple mobile devices in collaborative healthcare increases the need for robust privacy preservation. Thus, large-scale EHR(More)
The aim of a medical consultation system is to deliver reliable healthcare services efficiently. In this paper we propose an online medical consultation system with load balancing as an assurance for maximum resource utilization. Rule-based fuzzy controlled load balancing is applied to a homogeneous system consisting of three medical centers with limited(More)
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