Uthpala Subodhani Premarathne

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In view of recent attacks on smart grid surveillance is of vital importance to enforce surveillance based disaster recovery management operations to ensure seamless energy generation and distribution. The reliability of disaster recovery management depends on availability and privacy preservation of surveillance data. In this paper we propose a reliable(More)
A cryptographic role-based access control model for electronic health record (EHR) systems uses location-and biometrics-based user authentication and a steganography-based technique to embed EHR data in electrocardiography (ECG) host signals. lectronic health record (EHR) systems offer more effi cient means of delivering quality-ensured healthcare services(More)
—Cloud based Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are next generation " big data systems " for facilitating a) efficient and scalable storage, and b) to foster collaborative care, clinical research and development. Mobility and use of multiple mobile devices in collaborative healthcare intrigue robust privacy preservation. Thus, large scale EHR systems(More)
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