Utharn Buranasaksee

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Many automatic assessment (AA) tools have been developed and used to help the instructors grading the students. In computer science field, those AA tools are mainly focus on computer programming language course. However, with the development of the compiler and integrated development environment, the students can learn and practice programming while getting(More)
with the amount of text data stored in relational databases growing rapidly, the need of the user to search such information is dramatically going up. Many existing approaches focus on finding a tuple matching a keyword query and return the result as a joining network of tuples of one or more tables. In this paper, we formulate an answer aggregation of(More)
Many information on the Internet nowadays is produced by mobile phone and becomes location-aware. Since the information has evolved to be more complex, a generic location-aware rank query problem was proposed (GLRQ). GLRQ allows searching the objects with different searchable attributes such as spatial, textual, and numeric together. To search many(More)
When a user accesses a resource, the accounting process at the server side does the job of keeping track of the resource usage so as to charge the user. In cloud computing, a user may use more than one service provider and need two independent service providers to work together. In this user-centric context, the user is the owner of the information and has(More)
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