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This paper presents a hybrid batteries/ultra-capacitors energy storage system used for vehicular applications. A main DC-DC topology is a bi-directional buck-boost converter which is employed to control power flow between batteries, UC and load (traction system). An extra switch is added in series with UC to partially control the power. A simple control(More)
Control of the Distributed Generation (DG) system is important in both grid-connected and stand-alone modes and the system stability becomes very crucial during the transfer between these two modes. If the system does not have a proper transfer procedure, severe transient voltages or currents will occur, which may damage the entire system. A seamless(More)
This paper presents the study of impacts on power quality because of a Distributed Generation (DG). A Rayong-based distribution feeder which is integrating with the 0.996MW of solar Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system is utilized as the case study. Moreover, an additional DG is modeled and simulated to consider power quality based on size and location of the(More)
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