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Apps running on mobile devices are continually gaining importance, for medical professionals as well as for patients. When used appropriately, they can support their users, have the potential to increase efficiency and to lower costs. However, the information available for "medical apps" that are currently being distributed in the official mobile app stores(More)
In medicine, especially in basic education, it may sometimes be inappropriate to integrate real patients into classes due to ethical issues that must be avoided. Nevertheless, the quality of medical education may suffer without the use of real cases. This is especially true of medical specialties such as legal medicine: survivors of a crime are already(More)
The market for medical apps is rapidly expanding - both for professional use as well as for patient centered apps. There are numerous medical apps, but relevant information about their limitations and dangers is rarely available. In an exemplary evaluation of n=8 medical apps, deficits regarding data integrity, one half had security and privacy issues.(More)
Nowadays, eLearning based learning modules are widely used in medical education. When compared to traditional, bedside based teaching, one of the drawbacks of this approach is the missing level of realism, since interacting with a computer significantly differs from directly working on a patient. Nevertheless, bedside teaching is not always possible, often(More)
A new method is presented, which enables the reliable measurement of the femoral head sphere parameters (centre coordinates and diameter) from tomographic image data, even when the raw data are erroneous. The hip joints of 13 newborns were scanned by a self developed 3-D ultrasound system. After automatic image segmentation, the femoral head is represented(More)
Evidence based recommendations can significantly aid decision processes in medicine and mobile apps are starting to enter this domain. Considering the rapid access to and quick processing of information made possible by such apps, it is especially important to ensure the quality and structure of the provided data and to also keep the limitations of the(More)