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Penicillin-binding protein 1B (PBP1B) of Escherichia coli is a bifunctional murein synthase containing both a transpeptidase domain and a transglycosylase domain. The protein is present in three forms (alpha, beta, and gamma) which differ in the length of their N-terminal cytoplasmic region. Expression plasmids allowing the production of native PBP1B or of(More)
OBJECTIVES In the surgical treatment of cervical carcinoma the conservation of ovaries in premenopausal women is a common procedure. To date, however, there have been no controlled studies to prove that the risk of recurrence or death from disease is not elevated among women who do not undergo oophorectomy. STUDY DESIGN We performed a matched pairs(More)
U. urealyticum was found in the semen of 12.9% of the patients, who attended a fertility clinic. Ureaplasma counts of more than 1,000 CFU/ml were demonstrated in 8.6% of cases. Non-specific genital infection caused by U. urealyticum was rarely diagnosed, and there was no correlation of the ureaplasma counts and the spermatological findings in cases without(More)
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