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The polarity of a growing pollen tube is clearly reflected by a distinct zonation of the cytoplasmic content. The vegetative nucleus and the generative cell (GC) are located in the tip region of the tube, and the basal cytoplasmic portion is highly vacuolated. Using pollen tubes ofNicotiana sylvestris Spegazz. & Comes grown in vitro, we examined the effects(More)
Recently, we found that the anti-microtubule drugs colchicine and propham caused the absence of microtubules and thus loss of cytoplasmic zonation in in vitro growing pollen tubes ofNicotiana sylvestris, but did not seriously affect growth. In the present study we used the herbicide carbetamide as an anti-microtubule drug. It had the same effect as(More)
A purified bone-inducing protein complex (BIC), isolated from bovine bone and causing de novo bone formation in vivo, induces defined effects on rat mesenchymal cells in vitro. Spindle-like mesenchymal cells growing in monolayers change to polygonal cells, forming a multilayered growth pattern. The mesenchymal cells acquire alkaline phosphatase activity.(More)
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