Ute J Krienke

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BACKGROUND Long-term monitoring in bipolar affective disorders constitutes an important therapeutic and preventive method. The present study examines the validity of the Personal Life-Chart App (PLC App), in both German and in English. This App is based on the National Institute of Mental Health's Life-Chart Method, the de facto standard for long-term(More)
There is a possible association between infectious agents and psychiatric disorders. Previous studies in the US provided evidence for cognitive impairment correlated with Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) infection. For a replication study in Europe we chosed individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder to analyse the correlation with HSV-1 infection.(More)
The object of this study was the identification of brain areas that were significantly more connected than other regions with a previously identified reference region, the posterior cingulate cortex, during the presentation of visual cues in alcoholics. Alcohol-related and neutral video sequences were presented to 30 alcoholics who had been abstinent for at(More)
This study is based on a drug prevention project for children in the German-Polish border region known as "Pomerania." The aim of this project was to minimize risk behaviors while developing social skills as protective factors through project-specific training interventions. The present study especially investigates the development of social skills and risk(More)
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