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To analyze sugar transport processes during seed development of fava bean, we cloned cDNAs encoding one sucrose and one hexose transporter, designated VfSUT1 and VfSTP1, respectively. sugar uptake activity was confirmed after heterologous expression in yeast. Gene expression was studied in relation to seed development. Transcripts were detected in both(More)
We have studied the molecular physiology of photosynthate unloading and partitioning during seed development of fava bean (Vicia faba). During the prestorage phase, high levels of hexoses in the cotyledons and the apoplastic endospermal space are correlated with activity of cell wall-bound invertase in the seed coat. Three cDNAs were cloned. Sequence(More)
Several cDNA clones encoding two different ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (AGPase, EC polypeptides denoted VfAGPC and VfAGPP were isolated from a cotyledonary library of Vicia faba L. Both sequences are closely related to AGPase small-subunit sequences from other plants. Whereas mRNA levels of VfAGPP were equally high in developing cotyledons and(More)
The terminal heterochromatic segments of the long arms of 20 rye B-chromosomes were isolated by means of laser microdissection technology. Also the remaining portions of the long arms, along with the short arms of the same chromosomes were isolated. Each sample was used for degenerate oligonucleotide primer-polymerase chain reaction (DOP-PCR) amplification(More)
The small subunit of a Vicia faba ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (AGP) cDNA was expressed in antisense orientation in Vicia narbonensis under the control of the seed-specific legumin B4 promoter. From several independent transgenic lines both ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase AGP-mRNA and AGP enzyme activity were reduced by up to 95% in the cotyledons during the(More)
Copy-DNA clones encoding a single class of sucrose-synthase (SUCS; EC subunit have been isolated and sequenced from a Vicia faba L. seed cotyledonary library. Southern analyses indicated the existence of only one gene. Transcript levels determined by Northern blot hybridisation steadily increased until the middle of development [25–35 days after(More)
A novel selection marker for plant transformation alternative to antibiotic and herbicide resistance is described. The selective agent applied is 2-deoxyglucose (2-DOG) which in the cytosol of plant cells is phosphorylated by hexokinase yielding 2-DOG-6-phosphate (2-DOG-6-P). 2-DOG-6-P exerts toxic effects on overall cellular metabolism leading to cell(More)
The VfLb29 leghemoglobin gene promoter was polymerase chain reaction-amplified from a Vicia faba genomic library and was fused to the gusAint coding region. Expression of the chimeric gene was analyzed in transgenic hairy roots of the legumes V. faba, V. hirsuta, and Medicago truncatula as well as in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum plants. The VfLb29 promoter(More)
Full length cDNAs encoding three amino acid permeases were isolated from seed-specific libraries of Vicia faba. The predicted proteins VfAAP1, VfAAP3 and VfAAP4 share up to 66% identity among themselves. Functional characterization of VfAAP1 and VfAAP3 in a yeast mutant showed that these permeases transport a broad range of amino acids. However, VfAAP1 had(More)
A cDNA coding for a 54 kDa signal sequence containing protein has been isolated from a faba bean cotyledonary library and characterized. The deduced protein is designated Vicia faba SBP-like protein (VfSBPL) since it shares 58% homology to a 62 kDa soybean (Glycine max) protein (GmSBP) which has been described as a sucrose-binding and sucrose-transporting(More)