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Between 1978 and 1987 513 cases of suicide were examined at the Institute of Legal Medicine of the Medical School of Hannover (337 males (65.7%) and 176 females (34.3%). The greatest share of the suicides was found in the age group 18 to 30. 42.1% of the cases showed positive alcohol concentrations with men accounting for a relatively higher share. The most(More)
The use of salep (ground orchid bulbs) has a long history in Turkey. The analysis of its trade revealed that it is still used there as medicine, drink and as binder in so- called Maraş Ice cream. Substitutes, however, increasingly enter the market. Export figures unfortunately do not distinguish between true salep and substitutes. The officially recorded(More)
The authors report on four cases of suicidal fire deaths in the open air. In three cases the proper cause of death was severe burning and in one case deep cuts of the neck. In all these events the concentrations of CO-Hb were < 30%. Kerosene was indicated in lipophile tissue or lung in two cases. There was no evidence of incapacitation preceding the(More)
In an extended suicide an 11-year-old boy was killed by two shots into the back. In spite of corresponding entry and exit points one of the projectiles was found inside the body. By laying open the respective bullet track, examination of the deformations of the bullet, on which a total of three ricochet points were identified, and a second visit to the(More)
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