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A Gram-negative, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming, yellow-pigmented bacterium (strain B2T) isolated from wastewater of a sequence batch reactor showing enhanced phosphorus removal was investigated to determine its taxonomic status. Complete 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis indicated that the organism should be placed in the genus Chryseobacterium. The strain(More)
A key feature of the Perutz stereochemical model for cooperativity in hemoglobin is a strong coupling between quaternary structure and the spin state of the heme iron [Perutz, M. F. (1979) Annu. Rev. Biochem. 48, 327-386]. While this coupling appears to be present for carp azide methemoglobin, it should also be present for all liganded forms of human(More)
Ultraperipheral collisions (UPC) are the processes that occur at impact parameter b > 2R, when the two ions do not interact hadronically. Instead one uses the strong Coulomb field surrounding the ions for elementary particle processes, see Fig. 1. The coherence of all the protons in the ion leads to an enhancement factor of Z (γγ) or Z (γA), respectively,(More)
The kinetics of CO binding and changes in quaternary structure for symmetric valency hybrids of human hemoglobin have been extensively studied by laser photolysis techniques. Both alpha+beta and alpha beta+ hybrids were studied with five different ferric ligands, over a broad range of CO concentrations and photolysis levels. After full CO photolysis, the(More)
In recent years, a controversy has arisen over the magnetic properties of oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) and (carbonmonoxy)hemoglobin (HbCO). At present, it is unclear which, if any, conditions give a completely diamagnetic state for the heme-ligand complex which can be used as a diamagnetic reference state. In order to establish a diamagnetic reference independent(More)
Under alternating aerobic/anaerobic conditions and without additional carbon sources, a bacterial consortium consisting initially of 18 bacterial strains was obtained in a sequence batch reactor. The phosphorus removal capability could only be maintained using sterile filtrate of activated sludge as medium. The addition of calcium and magnesium salts, as(More)
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