Ute Claussen

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Nowadays, hardware support for Gouraud shading is state-of-the-art. Most hardware implementations of the Phong shading algorithm lack flexibility, for example are restricted in the number of light sources. In this paper, we will present a concept of shading processors that has been developed in a rendering system called PROOF. Two types of processors have(More)
This paper gives a short introduction into the field of computer image generation in hardware. It discusses the two main approaches, namely partit:oning in Image space and In object space. Based on the object space partitioning approach we have defined the PROOF architecture. PROOF is a system that aims at high performance and high quality rendering of(More)
Computer graphics and its subsections image processing, image analysis and image generation are known to be a wide field for the application of parallel archi­ tectures. While in image processing and analysis the demand for "real time" com­ putation is in the center of discussion, it becomes more and more important in the field of image generation, too.(More)
Die DFG-Studie zur prfinatalen Diagnostik in der Frfihschwangerschaft von 1982 zeigt, dab lediglich in 2 bis 3% der Amniocentesen Chromosomenanomalien aufgedeckt werden. In 97 bis 98% mug also das amniocentesebedingte Abortrisiko von 0,5 bis 1% ,,unn6tigerweise" eingegangen werden. 1982 nahmen in der Bundesrepublik durchschnittlich 38% der Schwangeren ab(More)