Utaiwan Kum-arb

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Information on the immune response against H5N1 within the lung is lacking. Here we describe the sustained antiviral immune responses, as indicated by the expression of MxA protein and IFN-alpha(More)
Several lines of evidence suggest that targeting pre-erythrocytic-stage parasites for malaria vaccine development can provide sterile immunity. The objectives of this study were (i) to evaluate(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent studies have demonstrated that inactivated seasonal influenza vaccines (IIV) may elicit production of heterosubtypic antibodies, which can neutralize avian H5N1 virus in a small(More)
In an effort to broaden the immune response induced by the RTS,S/AS02(A),vaccine, we have evaluated the immunogenicity of the RTS,S antigen when combined with MSP1(42) and with AMA1, antigens derived(More)