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So far all calculations of the number of demented people are based on rates from meta-analyses, mean rates of meta-analyses or spatial analyses. This article presents age- and gender-specific prevalence and incidence rates of dementia that are based on a large sample of the German Sick Funds (Stichprobendaten von Versicherten der gesetzlichen(More)
Teaching and learning how to program requires environments designed to support these activities rather than commercially available integrated development environments. This paper presents an instructional environment which embraces the entire process of design, algorithm development, testing and debugging while minimizing the syntactic details with which(More)
BACKGROUND Movement disorders are chronic diseases with an increasing prevalence in old age. Because these disorders pose a major challenge to patients, families, and health care systems, there is a need for reliable data about the future number of affected people. PATIENTS AND METHODS We searched the literature to identify epidemiological studies to(More)
Practical experiences are necessary to balance the theory discussed in textbooks and in class meetings. Effective practical experiences must have a clear purpose and must motivate students to become involved as active learners. This paper presents some practical experiences for an introductory operating systems course. The experiences employ short programs(More)
Background High-density packing of DNA in nature, for example in mutant P4 bacteriophage viruses and the resulting entanglement (= knots) of the packaged DNA has been a focus of recent research across several disciplines [1]. Published data allows the conclusion that the ends of the DNA packaged in P4 meet in the capsid creating a circular molecule and that(More)
Evaluating IDS algorithms and systems is often an ad-hoc process and makes it hard to compare evaluation results and performance of IDS systems. There is a need for divers and realistic test traffic and for developing metrics to be able to judge whether some generated traffic is a representative sample of observed traffic. In this paper, the authors propose(More)
Is the increase in the share of the older population in Germany inevitably connected with a parallel increase in frail people? We analyse the development of care need in West and East Germany between 1991 and 2003 on the basis of longitudinal data from the German SocioEconomic panel. A lower transition risk into care need for men exists in the period(More)