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The perceived length of a line segment in a frontoparallel plane is sometimes affected by the presence of other line segments in the visual field. Perspective theories attribute such interactions to size-constancy scaling: The configuration of line segments present in the visual field includes depth cues that trigger size scaling of each line segment. In(More)
Although the five primary senses have traditionally been thought of as separate, examples of their interactions, as well as the neural substrate possibly underlying them, have been identified. Arm position sense, for example, depends on touch, proprioception, and spatial vision of the limb. It is, however, unknown whether position sense is also influenced(More)
We analyze the problem of obstacle avoidance from a Bayesian decision-theoretic perspective using an experimental task in which reaches around a virtual obstacle were made toward targets on an upright monitor. Subjects received monetary rewards for touching the target and incurred losses for accidentally touching the intervening obstacle. The locations of(More)
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