Uta Pankoke-Babatz

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An event distribution model for a computer based cooperative working environment is presented. The proposed model aims to provide information about the ongoing and past activities of collaborating users, based on the semantics and con-textual relationships of the shared artifacts and contributes to increase the awareness of the ongoing state of affairs(More)
Crossmedia games employ a wide variety of gaming interfaces based on stationary and mobile devices to facilitate different game experiences within a single game. This article presents the crossmedia game Epidemic Menace, introduces the game concept, and describes experiences from two Epidemic Menace game events. We also explain the technical realization of(More)
Supporting the cooperation of people in large organizations which are distributed geographically is one of the great challenges for the CSCW research. Technology launched a framework in which telecooperation applications will be developed to support the distributed government in Bonn and Berlin. POLITeam is one project embedded in that framework. Its aim is(More)
Cross media games focus on a wide variety of gaming devices including traditional media channels, game consoles as well as mobile and pervasive computing technology to allow for a broad variety of game experiences. This paper introduces cross media games. It addresses challenges of cross media games and points out game design, technical, commercial and(More)
We report on participatory design activities within the POLITeam project, a large project which introduces groupware into the German government. Working with a representative small group of users in different worksites, an existing system was adapted to user and organizational needs, with the plan to improve and expand the system to a large scale. We(More)
In this paper we discuss and elaborate on the conceptual requirements as well as the tools of the General AMIGO Model for group communication. The special features of the model are examined with particular reference to the social and ethical implications in the communication process. The applicability of the AMIGO Model is demonstrated by examples, and we(More)
We report on a unique design approach used in the PoLfI'eam project, which introduces groupware into a German ministry. An existing groupware system was adapted to user and organizational needs, with the plan to improve and expand the system to a large-scale. We integrated new approaches of user advocacy and direct designer-user interaction, with an(More)
This paper proposes collaborative workspaces as an electronic environment for time deferred team-like cooperation. The design requirements are derived from an investigation of work practices employing simple collaborative workspaces in ministerial units. In addition to facilities for sharing of material among a dedicated group, a collaborative workspace(More)
This paper presents the multiple gaming interfaces of the crossmedia game Epidemic Menace, including a game board station, a mobile assistant and a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) system. Each gaming interface offers different functionality within the game play. We explain the interfaces and describe early results of an ethnographic observation showing how(More)