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Soil is one of the major habitats of bacteria and fungi. In this arena their interactions are part of a communication network that keeps microhabitats in balance. Prominent mediator molecules of these inter- and intraorganismic relationships are inorganic and organic microbial volatile compounds (mVOCs). In this review the state of the art regarding the(More)
Volatiles are efficient mediators of chemical communication acting universally as attractant, repellent or warning signal in all kingdoms of life. Beside this broad impact volatiles have in nature, scents are also widely used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, so the identification of new scents is of great industrial interest. Despite this(More)
Rhizobacteria produce an enormous amount of volatile compounds, however, the function of these metabolites is scarcely understood. Investigations evaluating influences on plants performed in various laboratories using individually developed experimental setups revealed different and often contradictory results, e.g., ranging from a significant plant growth(More)
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