Uta Brinkmann

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A bacterium classified as Rhodococcus opacus, which is able to use pyridine (a potentially growth-inhibiting substrate) as its sole source of carbon, energy and nitrogen, was isolated. In a carbon-limited chemostat culture, the kinetics was determined for growth on both pyridine and a mixture of pyridine and fructose (9 mM/22.15 mM). With growth on(More)
The maximum specific growth rate (μmax) of Hansenula polymorpha MH30 on xylose as the sole source of carbon and energy is 0.175 h−1, on methanol 0.21 h−1, on glycerol 0.27 h−1 and on glucose 0.61 h−1. On mixtures of xylose plus methanol, xylose plus glycerol, xylose plus glucose and glycerol plus glucose H. polymorpha MH30 grows faster: 0.36 h−1, 0.37 h−1,(More)
B. Siegmann, I. Küster, U. Brinkmann, U. Werner, H.O. Lutz, University of Bielefeld R. Mann, GSI Darmstadt The multiple ionization and fragmentation of CO2 by fast Xe and Xe ions was studied utilizing a positionand time-sensitive multi-particle detector which allows the coincident measurement of the momenta of correlated fragment ions. The experiment has(More)
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