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Cryptocurrencies: A Brief Thematic Review
Cryptocurrencies are an area of heightened pecuniary, numismatic, technological, and investment interest, and yet a comprehensive understanding of their theories and foundations is still left wantingExpand
A History of Bitcoin
The meteoric rise of Bitcoin has led to heightened investment, academic, commercial, numismatic, transactional, and practitioner interest in that cryptocurrency, as well as in the growing array ofExpand
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): Risks, Regulation, and Accountability
The emergence of the cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle has brought the phenomenon of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) into the spotlight, since they provide rapid access to capital for newExpand
Blockchain and Environmental Sustainability: Case of IBM's Blockchain Water Management
This discussion paper considers the role that blockchain-based technologies can play in advancing initiatives pertaining to environmental sustainability, using the case study of IBM’s waterExpand
The Decentralized Autonomous Organization and Governance Issues
The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) represents an innovation in the design of organizations, in its emphasis on computerized rules and contracts, but the DAO’s structures and functionsExpand
A History of Dogecoin
The frenzied public interest in cryptocurrencies has meant that, as second-order capital rushes towards the Bitcoin trade, potential investors are also drawn toward alternative currencies that mayExpand
The Concept and Criticisms of Steemit
This paper examines the concept and the criticisms of Steemit, with a view to situating its difficulties in imposing a self-regulating cryptoanarchist information network, as well its interestingExpand
Forecasting the Economic Impact of Coronavirus on Developing Countries: Case of Pakistan
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has already wreaked havoc on the international economy in numerous ways, differentiating itself in particular through its impact on the “real world” economy asExpand
Oversight and Regulation of Cryptocurrencies: BitLicense
This discussion paper examines the localization of the oversight and regulatory roles for cryptocurrencies using the case of Bitlicense which is issued in New York by the Department of FinancialExpand
What Is a Ricardian Contract?
Recent technological innovations have created room for the construction and implementation of “Ricardian” contracts, which are robust, transparent, and efficient contractual structures that can beExpand