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Trade in agricultural remains one of the most contentious issues within the broader topic of<lb>Pakistan-India trade. The main source of contention is the difference in policy regime vis-a-<lb>vis agriculture in the two countries. India, for reasons of food security, has extensive price<lb>support mechanisms and gives substantial input subsidies to its(More)
Learning to program is typically hard. However, end-user programming techniques can make programming seem easy to the most unlikely of individuals. The term end user refers to someone who is not a computer programmer, but a person who uses a computer as part of their daily life and work. Applying end user programming to home care can be interpreted as(More)
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Cover Photo: Children on the left walk to fetch water as school girls walk back to their homes at Amarpur village near Udaipur, Rajasthan, India in this photograph from September 2013. If South Asia is going to be part of a world where all children can lead productive lives and be responsible citizens when they grow up, it is important to focus not only on(More)
It is vital to have customer satisfaction because customers bring lots of revenue with them and only then it will be possible for the airlines to operate profitably if airlines have satisfied customers as not only the customers will reuse the service but will also create good will for the company. In this topic it was researched that how the five dimensions(More)
PURPOSE To describe the collaborative goal-setting practices of community-based physical therapists trained in a self-management (SM) approach who work with clients with chronic conditions and to describe clients' goal-achievement rates. Methods : A retrospective chart review was conducted for 296 randomly selected home-care clients from July 2009 through(More)
In this paper, we presented a technique to determine player perception (a performance measure) through their online presence (media feedback), which is far more accurate than one determined by traditional means of looking at player statistics. The proposed model is a research-in-progress that takes into account the factors such as toughness of the fixtures,(More)
FOREWORD UNICEF Pakistan welcomes this opportunity to take part in the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children, a joint project by UNICEF and UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), through the publication of this country report, Out-of-School Children in Pakistan. This report presents an analysis of the most recent and reliable statistical information(More)
This paper studies how banking deregulation effects allocative efficiency of banks in Pakistan, where until 1990 state-owned banks dominated the scene by holding 93% of banking assets, whereas government intervention influenced prices of banking inputs. However, in early 1990s pro-competition policies were enacted, which created a level playing field for(More)
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