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We investigate the effect of network errors on Embedded Zerotree Wavelet (EZW) encoded images and proposemodificationstotheEZWcodertoincreaseerror resilience in bursty packet loss conditions. A hybrid-encoding scheme that uses data interleaving to spread correlated information into independently processed groups and layered encoding to protect significant(More)
Cycle time models perform an <i>a-priori</i> calculation of local signal delays by estimating the lengths of wires connecting different levels of synchronously clocked logic elements. Typically, a signal will have to pass through approximately 15-25 layers of logic during a single clock cycle and it is has been assumed that this number is sufficiently large(More)
Red rod is an economically important disease of sugarcane caused by the fungus Colletotrichum falcatum. We used a simple sequence repeat (SSR)-based marker system to identify and analyze genetic relationships of red rot resistant and susceptible sugarcane cultivars grown in Pakistan. Twenty-one highly polymorphic SSR markers were used for DNA(More)
At least five begomoviral species that cause leaf curl disease of cotton have emerged recently in Asia and Africa, reducing fiber quality and yield. The potential for the spread of these viruses to other cotton-vegetable growing regions throughout the world is extensive, owing to routine, global transport of alternative hosts of the leaf curl viruses,(More)
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