Ushio Minami

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AIM To examine whether engaging in paid work is a predictor of maintaining good functional health among Japanese older adults in both urban and rural communities. METHODS We used the 8-year longitudinal Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology Longitudinal Interdisciplinary Study on Aging with 306 and 675 persons aged 65-84 years from Koganei City(More)
BACKGROUND Several reports have implicated myo-inositol (MI) in myelin formation. We hypothesized that MI is involved in this process through facilitating the biosynthesis of ethanolamine plasmalogens (PlsEtns), which are the major component of myelin membranes, and essential for myelin formation and function. Excessive MI urinary excretion possibly causes(More)
TRURL is an agent-based simulation environment, which is designed to analyze social interactions among agents including software and people in community computing. The unique characteristics of TRURL are summarized as follows: (1) Unlike conventional simulation systems, TRURL has so many predetermined and acquired parameters with which TRURL is able to(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the possibility and necessity for expansion and diffusion of a new employment support facility for older job seekers in metropolitan areas based on health and welfare measures. This longitudinal study assessed questionnaire responses from older job seekers at a new facility established in Ota ward in the Tokyo metropolitan(More)
BACKGROUND Working at old ages is regarded as a good way to keep one's health according to the idea of productive aging. However, there is not enough evidence yet whether retirement is good or bad, or the kind of effects it has on the health of older adults aged 65 and over. We examined it by using a recent data of Wako city, a suburb area near Tokyo in(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This study aims to clarify the job seeking process of the elderly people through the local employment support facility known as the Active Senior Employment Support Center (ASESC)"AKUTIBU SINIA SHUGYO SIEN SENTAA" in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and evaluate the performance as a complement to the national support systems. METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the distribution and associated predictors of 1-year changes in the Japanese version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA-J) in community-dwelling older adults. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING Population-based cohort study in Tokyo, Japan. PARTICIPANTS Individuals aged 65 to 84 (N = 496). MEASUREMENTS Multinomial(More)
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