Ushan Andrady

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Infectious and inflammatory diseases have repeatedly shown strong genetic associations within the major histocompatibility complex (MHC); however, the basis for these associations remains elusive. To define host genetic effects on the outcome of a chronic viral infection, we performed genome-wide association analysis in a multiethnic cohort of HIV-1(More)
Primary infection with drug-resistant HIV-1 is well documented. We have followed up patients infected with such viruses to determine the stability of resistance-associated mutations. Fourteen patients who experienced primary infection with genotypic evidence of resistance were followed for up to 3 years. Drug resistance-associated mutations persisted over(More)
Six outbreaks of infectious syphilis in the United Kingdom, ongoing since 2012, have been investigated among men who have sex with men (MSM) and heterosexual men and women aged under 25 years. Interventions included case finding and raising awareness among healthcare professionals and the public. Targeting at-risk populations was complicated as many sexual(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe an outbreak of infectious syphilis in rural North Wales and the control measures implemented. METHODS Following reports of an increase of syphilis in North Wales, a multidisciplinary Outbreak Control Team (OCT) was established. A multilevel prevention and control response was initiated, including: active case surveillance, partner(More)
This case describes the unusual association between vulval schistosomiasis, microinvasive squamous cell carcinoma of vulva and high-grade vulval intra-epithelial neoplasia in a human immunodeficiency virus-positive patient and response to treatment with imiquimod and praziquantel.
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