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Enhancement of omnidirectional total-reflection wavelength range by using one-dimensional ternary photonic bandgap material
Here we demonstrate by theoretical analysis a novel way to enhance the omnidirectional total-reflection wavelength range in one-dimensional photonic bandgap material by using a ternary periodicExpand
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Wave propagation in a one-dimensional photonic crystal with metamaterial
Abstract This paper deals with the study of the transmission of electromagnetic waves through a one-dimensional multilayer periodic structure consisting of alternating slabs of negative- andExpand
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Wide-angle, broadband plate polarizer in Terahertz frequency region
Abstract In this paper, a plate polarizer for use in the terahertz (THz) frequency region (0.10 THz to 0.15 THz) has been suggested. The polarizer which is effective over a wide range of angles ofExpand
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Tunable and omnidirectional filters based on one-dimensional photonic crystals composed of single-negative materials
Tunable and omnidirectional filters have been demonstrated theoretically, using one-dimensional photonic crystals composed of single-negative materials. It is seen that a bilayer eight periodExpand
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Design of a nano-layered tunable optical filter
A novel theory to design tunable band pass filters using one-dimensional nano-photonic structures is proposed. Periodic structures consisting of different dielectrics and semiconductor materials areExpand
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Design of a tunable ultraviolet filter using metallodielectric photonic crystal
A theory to design a tunable ultraviolet filter using a 1-D metallodielectric photonic crystal composed of alternate layers of MgF2 and Co is proposed. It is possible to get different ranges ofExpand
Filter performance of reduced sized defect photonic crystals based on single‐negative materials
Single‐ and multiple‐channeled filters based on single‐negative (SNG) photonic crystals with inversion defects have been demonstrated theoretically. Omnidirectional filters with wide angularExpand
Design of narrowband optical transmission filters using fractal Cantor multilayers
This paper presents a theory to design super narrow band pass optical filters using fractal Cantor multilayer structure without defect and fractal Cantor multilayer structure with embedded defect. ItExpand
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Enhancement of omnidirectional high-reflection wavelength range in one-dimensional ternary periodic structures: a comparative study
A comparative study of enhancement of omnidirectional high-reflection wavelength range in one-dimensional ternary structured photonic crystals (PCs) was carried out. The PCs investigated are of theExpand
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