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Regulation of COVID-19 fake news infodemic in China and India
During the recent outbreak of coronavirus, the concern about proliferation of misleading information, rumours and myths has caused governments across the world to institute various interventionistExpand
An Inconsistency in Sec Disclosure Requirements? The Case of the 'Insignificant' Private Target
Although the SEC's main charge is to ensure the disclosure of material information, the SEC has not always consistently defined materiality. We show that acquisitions of privately-held targetsExpand
Social media's impact on journalism : a study of media's coverage of anti-corruption protests in India
The year 2011 was memorable for many in India – for those who participated in numerous anti-corruption protests, and for those who witnessed these protests via all pervasive mainstream news media.Expand
Law and the Blockchain
All contracts are necessarily incomplete. The inefficiencies of bargaining over every contingency, coupled with humans’ innate bounded rationality, mean that contracts cannot anticipate and addressExpand
The Promise of a New Media and Development Agenda
The role of the press is underpinned by a concern for public welfare, and the discourses and debates in journalism practice and theory stem from the notion that the press is one of the pillars of aExpand
Who gets to tell Australian stories
Semi-Public Offerings? Pushing the Boundaries of Securities Law
Securities law traditionally only permits corporations that have registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and completed an initial public offering (IPO) to sell equity to theExpand
News Consumption Habits of Culturally Diverse Australians in the Digital Era: Implications for Intercultural Relations
Abstract It is well-documented that news media (both traditional and social) have a significant impact on intercultural relations in contemporary societies. This paper compares results of two surveysExpand