Uschi Backes-Gellner

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On 1 January 1996, the German Arbeitszeitgesetz (working-time regulation) came into effect for hospital physicians. It states that working hours must not exceed 8 h per day, even for physician in hospitals. As a consequence, the prevalent two-shift model is legally inadmissible. The intention of this law is to protect the physician and to create better(More)
The article deals with the various problems of an implementation of publication indicators on a departmental level in West-German universities. The German university system relies mostly on social and informal control mechanisms. Bibliometric indicators can provide adequate information for an effective social control in such a system. However, they will(More)
This study provides the first econometric analysis on the dynamic dimension of establishment-level codetermination in Germany. We hypothesize that learning implies a change in the nature and scope of codetermination over time. Using unique data from smalland medium-sized establishments, our empirical analysis provides strong evidence that learning indeed(More)
Start-Up-Teams are almost always small and very often consist of no more than three members. Why is this? We argue that founders choose the size of their start-up-team in order to economize on the effort costs of teams. We develop a model to analyse the relationship between effort and team size. Free-riding and peer pressure, both have an effect on the(More)
Innovative start-ups and their respective market partners are faced with severe asymmetric information problems due to their lack of prior production history and reputation. We study whether entrepreneurial signaling can help solve these problems and thereby increase the potential success of innovative start-ups. We concentrate our analysis on the credit(More)
This paper studies the willingness to become an entrepreneur depending on an individual’s composition of human and social capital. Our theoretical analysis is an application and extension of Lazear’s (2005) jack-of-all-trades theory. Our primary implication is that it is not individuals with a higher level of human or social capital but rather individuals(More)
The German Codetermination Law grants workers of establishments with 200 or more employees the right to have a works councillor fully exempted from his regular job while still being paid his regular salary. We analyze theoretically and empirically how this de jure right to paid leave of absence translates into practice and explicitly take into account the(More)
We calculate the two-loop corrections to heavy-quark pair production in the gluon fusion channel which arise from diagrams involving a closed light-quark loop. The calculation is carried out by keeping the exact dependence on the heavy-quark mass. The analytic results are written in terms of logarithms, classical polylogarithms Lin(n = 2, 3, 4),(More)
Given tight labor markets for skilled employees in Germany, we observe severe inter-firm differences in the recruitment success of individual firms. We explain why labor shortage is unequally distributed among firms and what kind of firms will be more or less successful in getting their share of skilled labor. A vast amount of psychological and marketing(More)