Usama Y. Mohamad

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A cognitive radio system offers an efficient spectrum utilisation leading to higher data transmission rates. A novel hypothesis test for sensing a primary user signal in a multiple antenna system is presented. The scheme is called Cognitive RAdio sensing Based on the joint distribution of pseudo WIShart matrix Eigenvalues (CRABWISE). It turns out that the(More)
In this paper, a recently proposed sensing scheme for cognitive radio systems based on an estimate of the differential entropy is extended to achieve reliable sensing performance in the presence of severe fading by cooperation among J active receivers. The cooperating users being equipped with multiple antennas send their individual sensing decisions to a(More)
Recursive Spatial Multiplexing (RSM) is a closed loop multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) structure for achieving the capacity offered by MIMO channels with a low-complexity detector. We investigate how to make RSM able to deal with different interference scenarios. The interference at the receiver side is considered as a vector-valued stochastic process(More)
In this paper, Cognitive Radio sensing Based on the joint distribution of pseudo WIshart matrix Eigenvalues (CRAB-WISE) is extended to include Wishart matrix based sensing to improve the performance of detecting a primary user signal in an interweave CR scenario. The resulting filter-bank based scheme is applied in a cooperative sensing approach where J(More)
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