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Mobility in sensor networks has not only expanded the role of sensor networks but has also given a whole new dimension to all research areas. Extra vigilance and unique approaches are required to address the concerns raised due to mobility. Therefore, we present a novel zone based routing scheme that is modified from Adhoc Ondemand Distance Vector Routing(More)
A compact wideband in-phase power divider is presented. The proposed device utilizes parallel coupled microstrip lines, connected in cascaded configurations, and a stepped impedance T-junction of microstrip line. To achieve tight coupling for wideband performance, a slotted ground is utilized under each of the parallel coupled lines. Moreover, chip(More)
The design of a compact high power in-phase power divider with planar structure is presented. The proposed device utilizes a stepped impedance T-junction of microstrip line and a pair of three parallel coupled microstrip lines. To realize the required tight coupling for wideband performance, each of the side coupled lines are shorted to the ground.(More)
An in-phase power divider with high power handling capability is presented. The proposed design is a modified structure of the traditional Gysel design. The modification includes using microstrip to slotline transitions to connect the input port to the two output ports with the aim to match the ports across wide band. As with the conventional design, the(More)
With each passing day, the information and communication technologies are evolving with more and more information shared across the globe using the internet superhighway. The threats to information, while connected to the cyber world are getting more targeted, voluminous, and sophisticated requiring new antifragile and resilient network security mechanisms.(More)
A broadband monopole antenna with unidirectional radiation is presented. The antenna is specifically designed for microwave systems aimed at the detection of heart failure. A reflector is added to the ground plane of the antenna to both enhance the bandwidth and directivity of the antenna. By the carful design of the radiator and reflector, the antenna(More)
Convex optimization provides a method of minimization of a convex objective function subject to a convex domain imposed upon it by the problem. For microwave imaging in medical applications, such as head imaging, this technique is seldom investigated. In this paper, a microwave-based head imaging method based on convex optimization is presented. Convex(More)
BACKGROUND The inability to smile stands out as a notable difficulty for individuals with facial nerve palsies; a problem that facial reanimation surgery aims to rectify. However, smile reconstruction currently lacks quantitative data by which to objectively measure outcomes. This study aims to identify the relative importance of different oral muscles in(More)
Modern day networks consist of a mix and match of technologies with varying capabilities. Securing such networks is a tedious task and demands a lot of contribution from security professionals. However, failing to conduct an in depth and standardized analysis may result in an imperfect network security design. ITU-T provides recommendation for end-to-end(More)