Urvinder Singh

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Biogeography based optimization (BBO) is a new stochastic force based on the science of biogeography. Biogeography is the schoolwork of geographical allotment of biological organisms. BBO utilizes migration operator to share information between the problem solutions. The problem solutions are known as habitats and sharing of features is called migration. In(More)
Cuckoo optimization Algorithm (COA) is employed for the optimization of linear and nonuniform circular antenna arrays. COA is a novel nature inspired computing algorithm which is motivated by the life of Cuckoo. Like other nature-inspired algorithms, COA is also a population-based method and uses a population of solutions to proceed to the global solution.(More)
This paper presents a novel optimization algorithm biogeography based optimization (BBO) for thinning large multiple concentric circular ring arrays. The objective is to achieve an array of uniformly excited isotropic antennas that will generate a narrow beamwidth and minimum relative side lobe level (SLL). BBO is a new comprehensive force based on the(More)
Hepatic tuberculosis is one of the rare forms of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. The focal or nodular form presenting as tuberculoma or abscess is uncommon. Hepatic tuberculosis without involvement of lungs or other organs is even rarer. We report a rare case of primary tubercular liver abscess without involvement of any other organ of body.
Opportunistic infections are common complications of advanced immuno-deficiency in individuals with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. Following involvement of the lung, the central nervous system (CNS) is the second most commonly affected organ. We report two cases of concurrent cryptococcal meningitis and tuberculosis (TB) in HIV infected(More)
This paper presents the synthesis of Concentric Circular Antenna Array (CCAA) with hybrid optimization technique combining Differential Evolution with Biogeography Based Optimization (DE/BBO). Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO) is a novel optimization technique based on distribution of organisms over space and time. BBO uses its migration operator to(More)
Linear antenna array (LAA) design is a classical electromagnetic problem. It has been extensively dealt by number of researchers in the past, and different optimization algorithms have been applied for the synthesis of LAA. This paper presents a relatively new optimization technique, namely flower pollination algorithm (FPA) for the design of LAA for(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease as old as mankind, whereas in India the first case of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was reported in 1986. HIV and TB are so closely connected that their relationship is often described as a co-epidemic. Aspergilloma (Fungal Ball, Mycetoma) represents a saprophytic growth of aspergillus that colonizes in the preformed(More)
Digital signal processing (DSP) systems require filters to fulfill their needs for particular frequency characteristics. This paper presents designing and optimization of digital finite impulse response (FIR) high pass filter. Optimization is a process to bring out the best result for an objective function. BBO is the algorithm which is based on the(More)