Urvashi Chadha

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Entity relationship (ER) approach is predominantly used for conceptual modelling of database systems in terms of entities and their relationships. The approach does not provide sufficient support for incorporating business constraints and their impact on the entity relationships, thus leaving a gap between the requirements elicitation and database(More)
Cervical smears from 1,784 women who attended the family planning clinics of the Institute for Research in Reproduction were examined for the presence of Actinomyces-like organisms. Among 815 intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) users, the repeat smears from 57 women were positive for Actinomyces-like organisms, giving a prevalence rate of 6.99%.(More)
Serum progesterone (P) and norethisterone (NET) levels following injection of norethisterone enanthate (NETEN) were studied in 11 regularly menstruating women. In 6 subjects 200 mg NETEN was administered to the gluteal (IG) or deltoid (ID) region sequentially. The serum P levels remained anovulatory (less than 4 ng/mL) up to 12 weeks. Serum NET levels were(More)
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