Urszula Herman-Izycka

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Scalable, highly reliable distributed systems supporting data deduplication have recently become popular for storing backup and archival data. One of the important requirements for backup storage is the ability to delete data selectively. Unlike in traditional storage systems, data deletion in distributed systems with deduplication is a major challenge(More)
Sudden surges of traffic, also known as flash crowds, present a significant problem to Web sites. Current systems deal with flash crowds by offloading a portion of the Web site load to a content delivery network. However, it is hard to determine in advance when the offloading should start. As a result, most systems react only after detecting a flash crowd(More)
There exist quite a few different systems for low level tasks in the Grid world – a number of environments for jobs scheduling, file transfers, resource discovering is overwhelming. It complicates applications and makes porting a real nightmare. GridRPC (see 3.2.1) regards [11] programming directly on top of Globus I/O as performing parallel programming(More)
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