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20 phenylpropenoid glycerides were synthesized by esterification of glycerol by p-coumaric, ferulic and caffeic acids. Main diagnostic ions in mass spectra and linear temperature programmed retention indices (LTPRI) of trimethylsilyl derivatives of these compounds were determined by GC/MS analysis. On the basis of these analytical parameters 39 in various(More)
Integrin receptors are considered to be the key factors in carcinogenesis. αIIbβ3-Integrin (GP IIb/IIIa) is the main glycoprotein of the surface of platelets, its presence has also been noted on the certain cancer cell lines. The molecular mechanism of its action in cancer cells remains unknown. This study presents effects of two αIIbβ3-inhibitors:(More)
Thyroid diseases are one of the most common metabolic disorders in the human population. In this work, we present data concerning changes in the activity and kinetic parameters of several enzymes associated with both anabolic (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase—G6PDH, EC; 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase—6PGDH, EC; malic enzyme—ME, EC(More)
Propolis has been used since ancient times in folk medicine. It is a popular medicine possessing a broad spectrum of biological activities. This material is one of the richest sources of polyphenolic compounds such as flavonoids and phenolic acids. The ethanolic extract of propolis (EEP) evokes antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anticancer properties.(More)
Propolis is a resin that is collected by honeybees from various plant sources. Due to its pharmacological properties, it is used in commercial production of nutritional supplements in pharmaceutical industry. In this study, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was applied for quality control analysis of the three commercial specimens containing(More)
Thirty-five aliphatic acids were identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry from the ether extract of commercial preparations containing lyophilized royal jelly. The article presents linear-programmed retention indices on capillary columns with non-polar and low-polar stationary phases and mass spectra for identified compounds which were not(More)
Cryptorchidism is the most common congenital birth defect in boys and affects about 2-4% full-term male neonates. Its etiology is multifactorial. Purpose. To evaluate the serum bisphenol A (BPA) levels in boys with cryptorchidism and healthy boys and to assess the risk of environmental exposure to BPA using the authors' questionnaire. The data were acquired(More)
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is an analytical procedure used to determine the differences in the heat flow generated or absorbed by the sample. This method allows to assess purity and polymorphic form of drug compounds, to detect interactions between ingredients of solid dosage forms and to analyze stability of solid formulations. The aim of this(More)
Malassezia pachydermatis and Candida albicans are fungi involved in the skin diseases and systemic infections. The therapy of such infections is difficult due to relapses and problems with pathogen identification. In our study, we compare the fatty acids profile of M. pachydermatis, C. albicans and S. cerevisiae to identify diagnostic markers and to(More)