Ursula Strauss

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Honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) pathogens and parasites and the negative effects thereof on honeybee populations remain an issue of public concern and the subject of active research. Africa with its high genetic diversity of honeybee sub-species and large wild population is also exposed to various factors responsible for colony losses in other parts of the(More)
The devastating effects of Varroa destructor Anderson & Trueman on European honeybee colonies (Apis mellifera L.) have been well documented. Not only do these mites cause physical damage to parasitised individuals when they feed on them, they also transmit viruses and other pathogens, weaken colonies and can ultimately cause their death. Nevertheless, not(More)
METHOD The safety of oral sorafenib up to a maximum protocol-specified dose combined with dacarbazine in patients with metastatic, histologically confirmed melanoma was investigated in a phase I dose-escalation study and the activity of the combination was explored in an open-label phase II study. RESULTS In the phase I study, three patients were treated(More)
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