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Many software tools provide facilities for depicting reaction network diagrams in a visual form. Two aspects of such a visual diagram can be distinguished: the layout (i.e.: the positioning and connections) of the elements in the diagram, and the graphical form of the elements (for example, the glyphs used for symbols, the properties of the lines connecting(More)
MOTIVATION Since the knowledge about processes in living cells is increasing, modelling and simulation techniques are used to get new insights into these complex processes. During the last few years, the SBML file format has gained in popularity and support as a means of exchanging model data between the different modelling and simulation tools. In addition(More)
SimWiz is a Java package that aims at visualising data resulting from different kinds of biochemical systems simulations in a clear and easy-to-survey way. In addition, information regarding the topology of the biochemical network is preserved by this visualisation. This is achieved by animating a graphical representation of the respective biochemical(More)
In the last 10{15 years image processing systems have been integrated into industrial manufacturing processes in various ways, for example within the areas of process control and quality assurance. Most of these systems use highly specialized algorithms which suuer from a lack of exibility against changes within the process environment or the given task. In(More)
Genetic algorithms have been proven to be a powerful tool within the area of machine learning. However, there are some classes of problems where they seem to be scarcely applicable, e.g. when the solution to a given problem consists of several parts that innuence each other. In that case the classic genetic operators cross-over and mutation do not work very(More)