Ursula Maria Schleicher

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PURPOSE To provide further understanding regarding outcome and prognostic factors of endometrial stromal tumors (EST). METHODS AND MATERIALS A retrospective analysis was performed on the records of 59 women diagnosed with EST and treated with curative intent between 1983 and 2007 in the framework of the Rare Cancer Network. RESULTS Endometrial stromal(More)
BACKGROUND Aim of this study was to evaluate the advantages of electron beam irradiation compared to kilovoltage X-ray therapy in the treatment of keloids. Furthermore, the risk of developing malignancy following keloid radiotherapy was assessed. PATIENTS AND METHODS An automatic water phantom was used to evaluate the dose distribution in tissue.(More)
Recently published results of quality of life (QoL) studies indicated different outcomes of palliative radiotherapy for brain metastases. This prospective multi-center QoL study of patients with brain metastases was designed to investigate which QoL domains improve or worsen after palliative radiotherapy and which might provide prognostic information. From(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To evaluate patterns of care as well as effectiveness and side effects of palliative treatment in four German radiation oncology departments. PATIENTS AND METHODS All referrals in four German radiation oncology departments (two university hospitals, one academic hospital, one private practice) were prospective documented for 1 month(More)
BACKGROUND Sodium selenite is applied in tumor patients during chemo- or radiotherapy due to its cytoprotective effects. Aim of our study was to evaluate the effect of exposure with sodium selenite on proliferation of human endothelial and tumor cells after irradiation. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied the proliferative activity of human umbilical vein(More)
BACKGROUND In most cases of proximal cholangiocarcinoma, curative surgery is not possible. Radiotherapy can be used for palliative treatment. We report our experience with combined external beam and intraluminal radiotherapy of advanced Klatskin's tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS 30 patients were treated for extrahepatic proximal bile duct cancer. Our(More)
PURPOSE A frequent problem in treatment of patients with head-and-neck tumors is recurrence in pre-irradiated areas, thus limiting dose for another full-course radiotherapy. We present our experience with a percutaneous superfractionated short-term radiotherapy regimen that may be useful for palliative irradiation. METHODS AND MATERIALS Twenty-three(More)
BACKGROUND The localized prostate cancer can be treated curatively by radiation therapy. The combined treatment of external beam irradiation and HDR-Iridium 192 remote brachytherapy allows higher radiation doses within the tumor without increasing radiation sequelae. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients of our clinic have been treated with this combined(More)