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Dynamin-related proteins are large GTPases that deform and cause fission of membranes. The DRP1 family of Arabidopsis thaliana has five members of which DRP1A, DRP1C, and DRP1E are widely expressed. Likely functions of DRP1A were identified by studying rsw9, a null mutant of the Columbia ecotype that grows continuously but with altered morphology. Mutant(More)
Makerspaces public workshops where makers can share tools and knowledge are a growing resource for amateurs and professionals alike. While the role of makerspaces in innovation and peer learning is widely discussed, we attempt to look at the wider roles that makerspaces play in public life. Through site visits and interviews at makerspaces and similar(More)
Strong irradiation of localized areas of the alga Chara produces chloroplast damage and extensive loss of the actin bundles responsible for cytoplasmic streaming. Immunofluorescence using a monoclonal antibody binding to the actin bundles has been used to follow their regrowth. Bundle regeneration is polarized so that new bundles develop from the ends of(More)
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