Ursula Gerecke

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Rectal temperature has been recorded continuously in 6 male subjects in groups of two on a rigorous time-schedule with 7 h sleep in an isolation chamber, first for 8 days in a 16:8-h light-dark cycle (LD), thereafter for 4 days in complete darkness (DD). Urine samples have been collected and performance tests made in 3-h intervals during the daytime and(More)
In man as well as in animals, diurnal rhythms are based on endogenous, periodic processes which can be considered self-sustained oscillations in a technical sense2). Evidence for this is given by the observation that, under-constant conditions, the rhythm continues a) undamped and b) with a frequency which deviates from that of the earth's rotation6). It is(More)
The rectal temperature has been measured on normally active or on resting subjects by means of a continuous recording device under the following conditions: a) In an underground bunker with constant illumination and with room-temperature at choice where all known Zeitgebers had been excluded; b) In the same bunker with a 12:12-hour light-dark-cycle as(More)
Die Tagesper iod ik zahl re icher Organismen be ruh t auf endogenen, spontar t per iodisehen Prozessen. Der s iehers te Beweis hierffir is t das A n d a u e r n der Pe r iod ik u n t e r k o n s t a n t e n Umwel tbed ingungen mi t e iner yon der E r d d r e h u n g abweichenden F requenz (AscttOFF 1960, PITTENORIGI~ 1960). Diese Spontanf requenz (AscI~OFF(More)
The impedance-cardiography renders possible the recognition of central haemodynamic parameters on an unbloody way. For the judgment of the method 18 female patients with hyperthyreosis were examined before and during the thyreostatic treatment. At the same time the systolic time intervals were estimated and the results from the two methods were compared.(More)
Die Eichkurven desReinschen Gaswechselschreibers für beliebige Stickstoff-Edelgas-Luftgemische, ausgehend von technischem Stickstoff mit konstantem Edelgas- und Sauerstoffgehalt sowie die Eichkurven der durch Atmung dieser Gemische erhaltenen Proben werden abgeleitet und durch Gasanalysen bestÄtigt. Grenzen und Fehlermöglichkeiten werden besprochen.
Several authors reported about acute haemodynamic effects of ADM years ago. We studied this problem in five patients in the invasive and noninvasive way and thus obtained the most important haemodynamic parameters. Acute haemodynamic effects in the meaning of a negative inotropy and vasodilatation are confirmed. The usual intravenous injection does not(More)
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