Ursula G. Langjahr

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Cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 211-1atmp1-1 which are auxotrophic for 5′-dTMP exhibit “thymineless death” (TLD) when deprived of the nucleotide. After an initial lag of about one generation time cells lose viability in exponential fashion halving their titer every 90 min. Thymine and thymidine (100 μg/ml) cannot prevent TLD in the absence of(More)
The three haploid yeast strains T2tmpl1-3, T2tmp1-1, and T6tmp1-51 auxotrophic for 5'-dTMP differ in their requirement for thymidylate: 72, 16, and 3 mug 5'-dTMP/ml will restore optimal growth, respectively. Thymidylate low requirement in strain T2tmp1-1 and T6tmp1-51 is termed tlrA and tlrC, respectively. When the growth medium is made 5 x 10(-4) M for(More)
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