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Innovative self-optimizing systems which go far beyond current approaches for mechatronic products become possible when systems are enabled to optimize their own behavior at run-time. Such self-optimizing systems are characterized by their ability to endogenously modify their objectives in response to changing conditions and autonomously adapt their(More)
Due to popular use of internet and fast progress of communications technology, the researches related to GIS in environmental models is being focused to use Geospatial Information System (GIS) in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In this architecture, the geo service requesters can access the provided geo-services through the communication network by(More)
Early Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) dealt with static objects. There is much demand, however, to include temporal objects in these systems. Many have studied this problem and suggested technical solutions for different spatial operations. A common shortcoming is that the extension techniques are highly dependent on the specific case studies and(More)
PC-basierte Steuerungstechnik – die Basis für Industrie 4.0. Ziel von Industrie 4.0 ist es, die Produktion flexibler, effizienter und nachhaltiger zu gestalten. Die PC-basierte Steuerungstechnik bietet hierzu gute Voraussetzungen. Mit der weiter steigenden Leistungsfähigkeit moderner PCs können komplexere Methoden und Verfahren aus den unterschiedlichsten(More)
In advanced mechatronic systems, software was traditionally employed late in the development process for cost-effectively realizing the required control functionality. Today however, software has become one of the main drivers for innovation, enabling cost-effective variants and online reconfiguration. During the development of mechatronic systems,(More)
Current approaches to decannulation management often fail to account for patients with combined swallowing and respiratory deficits. We expanded our existing weaning and decannulation protocol by adding an optional 3-day decannulation trial to evaluate readiness for decannulation. If a patient meets predefined test-decannulation criteria a tracheostomy(More)
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