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The methylation of cytosine residues in CpG dinucleotides of eukaryotic DNA is an important mechanism for the regulation of gene expression. Higher plants have a high content of methylated cytosine residues in CpG as well as CpNpG sites, and experimental evidence suggests a role in gene expression for DNA methylation. In this article, we describe a tobacco(More)
Scarce data are available about the cosmetic result of single dose intraoperative electron radiotherapy (IOERT) in breast-conserving radiotherapy. We included 71 breast cancer patients. Breast-conserving surgery and sentinel node procedure had started almost 3 years earlier. Subsequently, 26 patients were treated with IOERT and 45 patients received(More)
The far-upstream region of the Arabidopsis thaliana plastocyanin (Pc) promoter acts positively on transcription. This −1580 to −710 region (relative to the translation start site) has enhancer-like properties since it is also functional when situated downstream of the gene. Using tobacco nuclear extracts, this region was tested for protein-binding sites.(More)
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