Ursula-F. Habenicht

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Objective: Our goal was to study the influence of solubilized human zonae pellucidae on zona binding potential and acrosome reaction. Materials and Methods: Zona pellucida (ZP) solutions were prepared by dissolving zona in acidic buffer, NaH2PO4 (pH 2.5), to obtain 0.1 and 0.5 zona pellucida/µl. Zona binding capacity was evaluated by the addition of oocytes(More)
The progesterone antagonist Onapristone proved to possess strong tumour-inhibiting activity in a panel of experimental mammary carcinomas. Its underlying mechanism of action is due to a progesterone-receptor-mediated induction of terminal differentiation and a specific blockade of the cell cycle and is also present in the absence of progesterone as was(More)
A total of 86 fresh and salt-stored immature human oocytes derived from postmortem ovarian tissue were used for this study. Oocytes were randomly incubated either in synthetic human tubal fluid medium (untreated zonae) or in a chemically defined medium (treated zonae). Sperm binding experiments using hemizona assay conditions exhibited a 10-fold increased(More)
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